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October 29, 2015

In the world of wireless speakers, there are a surprising number of options and making a decision on which speaker to buy can be exhausting. With recent advancements in audio and wireless technology, it may be a wise choice to go with a brand that is adopting this technology instead of sticking to the same designs of the past.
One such device is the RoarBluetooth Speaker from Boom&Tech. Launched in 2014, the Roar speaker is a great option for anyone who wants high quality audio delivered wirelessly. Here are 5 reasons you should consider purchasing the Roar for your next speaker:
Boom&Tech Uses Advanced Technology
One of the best things about the Roar speaker is that it utilizes the latest in delivery technology to provide an extended range of wireless delivery. Inside of the Roar is the latest Bluetooth CSR 4.0 chipset. What that means for you is simple: you get the power of a wireless Bluetooth connection but it takes a lot less power. With the Roar speaker you can adjust songs, pause, and control your device from up to 33 feet away without heavy battery consumption.
Features An Extremely Durable Design
One of the biggest problems with a lot of speakers is that they simply do not stand up to the test of time. A little water might destroy some speakers, but with the water-resistant Bluetooth technology and dust proof speaker (IP54), you never have to worry about minor spills or dust causing problems with your device or distorting audio.
Get Powerful Sound Performance
Obviously having features like Bluetooth are great, but when it comes down to whether a speaker is worth buying or not, how it sounds is one of the most important aspects. What good is a speaker if it doesn’t produce high quality audio? The Roar features a unique bass radiation system that provides not only deep bass tones for a full, rich sound it also ensures highs come across clean and crisp for the ultimate listening experience.
Multiple Design Options To Choose From
Your personality is unique; your taste in music is unique; and the speaker that you choose should be able to reflect that. Made out of a stylish silicone material that keeps sound from distorting, there are multiple colors to choose from to match your style. With a sleek, modern design, the Roarspeaker is a great choice no matter which color you decide to go with.
Extremely Long Lasting Battery
Easily one of the best features of the Boom&Tech is the battery. A lot of speakers offer Bluetooth technology and wireless sound delivery, but they never last long. Fortunately Boom&Tech were able to fit an extremely long lasting 1500mAh battery into the speaker. What’s that mean for you? You get up to 8 hours of continuous playtime without ever worrying about charging.
Conclusion: An Excellent Compact Speaker
Whether you just like to listen to music as you study, you want a speaker that you can control from different rooms as you clean your house, or you plan on throwing a beach party and want a durable, compact speaker that delivers clear, powerful audio the Roar is a great device.

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